Goings On

Did you bring the popcorn, Mr. Grey?

Fresh off the burners, Daisy. Fire that baby up and let’s see what this so-called writer is up to.

Oh, goody. He’s writing about us.

What? No dancing hot dogs? No singing cups? Not even a placard telling us to “Enjoy the show”? What is this world coming to?

Wait a minute. That’s not about us. It’s about someone named The Rumble.

Eh? That’s a peculiar name. Oh I see, he’s a superhero.

Does this mean he doesn’t like us anymore?

Well you are a little too cheery for most; like swallowing mass quantities of cough syrup. Lucky you have me with my infinite wisdom and patience.

That was mean.

Precisely. I don’t know what you’re so upset about. If he’s writing about someone else, that means he isn’t bothering us. Just the way I like it.

But, I like it when he writes about us. It makes me feel like I have a purpose. Do something.

Oh, all right. I’ll see if I can slow him down.

Don’t make it too hard for him.

That’s just what I intend to do.


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