Marc White is an intolerable, pretentious braggart who entertains delusions of grandeur. He fancies himself a writer in the mold of Hemingway. However, much like modern poets claiming to follow in the footsteps of e.e. cummings are just too lazy to learn the rules of grammar, Marc is simply too lazy to give a proper description of key elements in his stories. Truth be told, he’s never had an original thought and most likely won’t ever have one. He’s really a bit of a dullard and a dolt.

Mr. Grey, what are you doing?

Ah, Daisy. My dear child. Fancy seeing you here. I was just supplying some information for Marc’s dossier.

Let me see. Mooooove OVER. How could you write such horrible things? None of that is true.

It was quite easy, really. You have to admit some of it is quite accurate.

OK, sure. He can be pretentious at times and, yes, he likes to inform everyone of his successes. But, who doesn’t? I mean really. Intolerable seems a bit harsh, though. Don’t you think? I think he’s very pleasant. The rest appears to be true, but he’s definitely not intolerable.

Gahhh. Fine, fine. I’ll re-write it.

Marc White is a barely tolerable, pretentious braggart who–

Mr. Grey!

Oh, put a sock in it.





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